About IODC

The International Open Data Conference (IODC) is a biannual event to bring the global open data community together in order to learn, share, plan, and collaborate on the future of open data.

The unique nature of this event is that it gathers together in one location a diverse range of participants from the northern and southern hemispheres who are seeking to define strategies to advance open data both globally and locally.

The IODC has 3 main objectives:

Under the theme “The Future is Open”, this year’s conference will reconvene our ever expanding community to address the key issues and challenges facing the open data community today, and seek to identify innovative solutions and opportunities for increased collaboration that will translate into real progress in the years ahead.

The agenda will be co-created with the broad participation of the open data community through a global call for proposals, resulting in a forward-focused programme of interactive sessions, workshops, guided discussions, and special events. IODC organizers are committed to creating an inclusive, innovative, and empowering event and will strive for the greatest possible level of gender balance, regional diversity, and inclusion of all voices.

The conference targets the broad participation of individuals and organizations:

Prior to the official opening of the IODC 2018 on September 27-28st, a large number of pre-conference meetings will be held in Buenos Aire by government and civil society groups in the days leading up to the conference.

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